Yolo, Bote & Tahoe

We are proud to present some of our happy customers pictures of their paddle boards on our paddle board racks. Stylish storage designs that come in different wood choices and styles because when you aren’t paddling you need to place to keep your paddle board within reach safe and secure. So, if you have the room, why not put it inside and why not use a set of paddle board racks that aren’t big and bulky and are actually very nice looking to add to the decor of your home.

Yolo on hawaiian gun rack cedar sup racks

Yolo sup on Hawaiian Gun Rack cedar wall racks


This Yolo offers serene transcendence for the den while waiting for the next day off paddle.





The new move to a smaller apartment created a unique situation that was solved by placing the Tahoe paddle board at an angle using the back wall, which looks out onto the beach, as a stop to keep the board from slipping out. Easy on/easy off allowed this customer to literally walk out the front door to take a paddle every morning. The hawaiian gun rack paddle board wall rack allows the board to sit closer to the wall acting more like artwork than storage.

Great use of the Hawaiian Gun Rack vertical wall rack on a Bote sup kept in the living room between between paddles …and at night it’s a lighting sconce.

Bote on hawaiian gun rack vertical wall rack

Day Bote rides a wall

bote on hawaiiangunrack paddle board wall rack

Adding texture with light.