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This is the only ISUP (Inflatable Paddle Board) you will ever need. This High performance inflatable will take you anywhere

The Cruiser model is great for yoga, surfing and all around paddling

This board is 4 inches in thickness and can inflate up to 28psi allowing you to go do yoga in the morning and surf up to 6 ft waves in the afternoon. A great all around travel board you can throw in the back of your trunk and pull it out whenever the mood strikes you. The 360 go anywhere inflatable is truly an all in one platform for the adventure minded.

This package comes complete with everything you will need, inflatable paddle board, toting backpack, Double action hand pump, fins and an adjustable paddle



  • 3 piece adjustable paddle
  • Fins
  • Soft strap back pack
  • Multiple tie down and tow points
  • Go Pro mount
  • Patch/repair kit
  • Portable Double Action High PSI pump
  • Best suited for calm waters, lakes, and mild rivers

  • This is the one paddleboard that will do it all. Portable, easy to inflate, and it's higher psi rating gives the board similar qualities to a hard shell. I've ridden this board several times and was really impressed by it's handling qualities and stability. You can surf it, white water it and perform a warrior II stance or an extended hollow back wheel manuver without getting wet. That's why I made an exclusive deal with 360 go anywhere to be one of 2 companies that carry this board ...but we offer better shipping :-)


  • 10 feet 6 inches long
  • 30 inches wide
  • 4 inches thick
  • Volume = 230 liters
  • Max air pressure 28 psi
  • Max Rider weight 240 lbs.


  • 12 feet 6 inches long
  • 32 inches wide
  • 6 inches thick
  • Volume = 230 liters
  • Max air pressure 28 psi
  • Max Rider weight 320 lbs.


G Wallfesh

"I had a chance to try the 12'6 on a downwinder and was very impresssed with the board's performance. Super stable, the nose didn't get hung up and our times were surprisignly close to those on hard boards. Great board!

"360 Crusier Complete Paddle Board Kit"

Read the Review from Stoke Magazine

There's a ton of inflatable SUPs out there now as many have realized the various benefits of them such as being super lightweight to carry or car top, easy storage for those living in apartments or without car racks and a great travel option - nothing better than having your own board on vacation. I'll be reviewing several inflatlables in coming months but of those I've tried, the 360 brand, while lesser known, has made great choices in building their boards. Here's my 2 cents..

  • Board: 12'-6" x 6" x 30"
  • Rider: 6'-5" x 230lbs, Experienced rider.

  • Test Conditions: 15 kt winds, light river current, about 3 kts resulting in waist high bumps. Plus a few boat wakes to surf...