AE Inflatable Expedition Kayak
  • Advanced Elements blue expedition kayak
  • expedition kayak package details
  • backbone aluminum support spar
  • hand pump
  • 2 in 1 sup/kayak paddle

13' Hybrid folding frame inflatable kayak

Good stability and tracking for an inflatable kayak

Easy set up, 10-15 minutes

comfortable adjustable lumbar seat

See addtional information for more features

    Expedition Kayak Features

  • Bunggee Cargo Deck Lacing-
  • Cargo Mesh Pocket
  • Padded folding seat
  • 3 layer polyurthane meach
  • Aluminum reinforced bow and stern
  • 9 chambers provide shape and bouyancy
  • Max weight limit is 450lbs.
  • Best suited for calm waters, lakes, and mild rivers

  • Adjustable 2 in 1 Paddle

  • kayak extends 81 in. to 89 in. cm
  • sup length 65 in. to 73 in.
  • More of a beginners all around paddle

  • Hand Pump

  • comes with multiple adaptors
  • Hi flow pump inflates and deflates
  • designed for this kayak

    Kayak sold seperatly comes only with...

  • Kayak Duffel Bag-
  • Padded Folding Seat
  • Inflatable Repair Kit
  • Advanced Frame Manual
  • SKU:787620

    The Complete Kit also includes

  • 2 n 1 paddle
  • Hand pump
  • Backbone support spar (optional)


It Lives Up To What The Manufacturer Claims...

This kayak tracks better than I though it would, for an inflatable. I have an 11 foot inflatable now, & it tracks nowhere near what this does in the water. Granted, with every stroke you'll tend to track in the opposite direction... right paddle stroke will turn you slightly to the left & vice-versa. The Expedition does that, but ever so slightly... just like you'd expect from a hard shell. My other kayak would track then turn in that direction & keep turning until I was facing the opposite direction, if you stopped paddling for more than 3 seconds. The Expedition on the other hand, keeps pretty darned straight! I'm impressed! I don't have the backbone for this, but I'm sure I'll get it soon. I live on the East coast so I kayak in the tidal channels & open salt water bays. I agree with others that say you won't need it in flat still water or calm lakes like you'd find in inland areas. But it sure makes sense to have it in open bays & open oceans to cut down on flexing from bow to stern in the waves. Sitting inside this, I've noticed it fits me perfectly. There's tons of leg room (& my toes are pointed straight up) & room to spare. I take my shoes off when I paddle just for comfort. They store neatly behind the seat. I'm five foot seven with a thirty one inch waist. The port & starboard bladders are touching both sides of my hips at the same time, but not tightly. It's pretty comfortable that way. You feel like it's an extension of yourself while gently sliding through the water. Know what I mean there? A repair kit comes with this, stored in one of the two pouches on the seat's back in case you ever need it.</p>

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Special Kit Offering

We decided to put this package together because it just made sense. It's a mixture of all the basics you will need to get started. And check back because we will be adding more products soon.